Client Testimonies

Bright Future delivers services on both a private and corporate basis and previous clients have come from all levels of experience and across a very broad range of career fields including media, broadcasting, finance, IT, education, travel, and the voluntary sector.

"I faced a persistent & serious dilemma over which of two possible career paths to take. To my surprise just one hour with Patricia identified the blocking points and the questions I still needed to ask myself and others. Suddenly I recognised the root causes of my dilemma, and was quickly able to make the right decision. Seeking counselling might sound soft, but it can bring results!"

JW. Senior Broadcast Journalist.

"I just wanted to say thanks for all your help and support. The coaching and the interview skills course paid off big time!"

LD. Marketing Manager.

"I came on an interview skills workshop last Thursday - and don't know whether you remember but I had a job interview that day. Well I thought you might like to know that after two interviews I got the job! I can't thank you enough because that day really helped, I went in much more confident, so a big thank you and I am now starting in January a very good job."

TS. Management Accountant.

"Thanks for all your support and input over the past few months, it has been a difficult time but I now see so much more clearly what it is that I want - and most importantly I have the confidence to go for it!"

NH. Assistant Producer.